Mother’s Day 2019


No mother- kid pictures this year.  No dates with the kids.  Just a few pics to remember the effort made to make it a fabulous Mother’s Day, despite the nasty sickness afflicting us…

It’s been a long 11 days!  My poor husband and kids had planned such a special Mother’s day.  Quiche for breakfast – church – poke bowls for lunch – send me off to a massage while making ribs for dinner… Instead it was quiche – church for a few, while the sickies and I napped – Costco for extra boxes of Kleenex – poke bowl for me, which I couldn’t finish – massage where I couldn’t stop coughing and blowing my nose – no dinner and off to bed early.

It sounds sad, but really my heart was brimming with joy despite feeling like my body was run over by a truck.  From bed, I look at a picture of my kids 7 years ago… oh, how much harder it was to be sick back then!  Instead, I was home in a cozy bed — the kids let me sleep — Daniel took care of everything; what more could I ask for?  Oh, and did you see that beautiful cake he and Sierra designed for me?  Precious!  (And delicious!)

I am now finally 90% better, as noted by the fact that I had my first cup of coffee in 11 days this morning.  But, Daniel and some of the kiddos are still worse off.  This bug decided to hit the entire household.  The forecast says rain all week, so I think we are going to just stay cozy and recover and hopefully open ALL the windows and do some cleaning this weekend!

The Visitors… (Mario and Luigi?)

This morning as the girls and I were at the table doing school, these two handsome gentlemen came walking down the stairs.  We had already been interrupted a few times, so I was tempted to move on… but we couldn’t stop laughing, and ended up taking pictures and creating fun little old fashioned movies.  Homeschooling is a pretty cool gig… you never know who might show up!

Gracelaced Day

I’ve long been a fan of Ruth Chou Simons — artist, homeschooling mom of 6 boys, classical education. woman after God’s own heart.  She is full of wisdom, and always points to Christ.  When I first learned she would be in California, I immediately checked my calendar and signed up!  It was such a blessing to hear and meet her in person!  The day was lovely… the message of walking in our Christ-centered identity, the endless coffee and goodies, the beautiful flowers, the surrounding hills, and a day with my dear friend!  These days of refreshing are so wonderful and so necessary!

Ruth, you are a blessing to so many.  Keep pointing us to Christ in your beautiful, humble, sincere way!

Gold Rush!

It was the perfect way to finish up our year of studies on California history… a trip to one of our favorite places, Riley’s Farm, for their Gold Rush Tour.   (Do you see that beautiful bird we saw?)

From learning about the miners to the people who made the dynamite to the bankers and merchant and everything in-between, it was not only a good lesson in history, but lots of fun!  Once we finished visiting each station, the kids were sent off to earn as much money as they could.

There was even the job of keeping the Inn clean for the miners!

Carrying nitro glycerin to the mining cave turned out to be the most profitable venture.   The kids found gold, dealt with bank notes, were able to purchase tools, and had a blast.  At the end, they were served a miner’s ration of cheese, jerky, and corn bread and then they were able to use their profits to bid on little goodies using what they earned.

If you ever have the chance, I highly recommend the Gold Rush Tour!