Allison turns 14!

Allison’s birthday just so happens to fall on National Donut Day… Unfortunately, she is not a huge donut fan, but she is a huge pastry fan!  She was the first one up on her birthday, so I got to have special time with just my girl, opening her “under-the-bed-present” before she sent me off for pastries!

Her party was on her actual birthday this year, so after breakfast we got right to work cleaning up and preparing for the party.  The theme was “science” with 2 activities:  First  was “Guess the Concoction.”  The girls were able to raid our refrigerator and pantry and make up a 3-ingredient concoction while one girl was out of the room.  When that guest returned, she had to see if she could guess the ingredients.

Some concoctions were pretty bad, while others were super sweet.  They really got into this, which made it super fun to see!

After the game, we rushed through dinner, cake, and presents before sending the girls off to their second activity: an Escape Room.  It was called “Sector 13” and took place in a chemistry lab where they had to find an antidote to save one of the workers…

The girls came home so excited about their Escape Room adventure.  They were able to escape with 1:55 to go!  I was so impressed, as none of them had ever done an escape room before and this was an intermediate challenge.  The girls wandered outside with the animals, picking strawberries and peaches, and sharing all the cool things that took place on their adventure.  I see another escape room adventure in our near future!!

Allison declared it one of her best birthdays…. hooray!  Happy birthday, to my very favorite 14 year old!!!

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