Montana 2019, Part 1

For the past 3 out of 4 summers, we have been blessed to spend time in Montana… it has become so special that the kids can hardly wait until the day arrives for us to fly there.  Generously, our aunt and uncle have allowed us to stay at their cabin.  Arriving there is like a breath of fresh air.  After an early morning flight, lunch and grocery shopping, we headed to the lake where the boys immediately went down to the water to fish…

For the first time, I actually planned meals before we left, complete with a grocery list and a Costco list.  No matter how busy I am before our trip, I will always and forever  do that from now on… it was so nice to not have to think about it!!  (Huckleberry jam was not on my list, yet we were able to consume an entire jar over our stay!)

Paddleboarding, swimming, kayaking, skipping rocks, nature walks, trips to town for DQ, hikes, games, late nights, family time, horse back riding, souvenir shopping, wildlife spotting, Montana Coffee Traders, buffalo jerky eating, Mudmans, fresh cherries, Girls’ Night Out play in Big Fork with my aunties, and so much more.  Some vacations feel like work.  Our Montana time is all fun and rest.

Hiking Sunset Trail with the boys and Allison… Taking the “Help, I’m falling” picture of Malachi… and then hopping into the lake to cool off…

Montana Coffee Traders, a trip to Kalispell’s Western Store to buy boots for the girls, then a visit to Potter’s Field’s new Ranch!  And that is the end of Part 1!

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