Montana 2019, (part 2)

We were blessed to tour the new Potter’s Field Ranch and see their beautiful new property.  We were even allowed to go horse back riding, which was a blast.  I have not been on a horse since I was dating my husband, and Xavi had never been on a horse… I think I’d have much better posture if I took up horseback riding!

We spent the afternoon swimming with Uncle Brook before enjoying dinner and a campfire.  Brook blessed us with some snow peas and beets from his garden.  The kids and I snacked on a few because we couldn’t resist, but saved the rest for the next night’s dinner.  Bald eagles and Osprey joined us for the evening!

Before church Sunday, we had to go to Farmhouse.  Tradition.  The breakfast is just amazing… I had a pork belly skillet with Kale, and it was absolutely delicious!  I love having things I could never make at home.  Two things the kids always do:  1)  Climb and jump off the big rock outside, and 2) order hot chocolate.   Good times.

After church, Carol, Gary, and Mary took us out on the boat.  Being pulled is such a treat for the kids!  They stayed for dinner, and then it was time to clean up and pack up. I didn’t want to say goodbye!  Thankfully, the next day we were headed to Idaho for a couple days to spend time at Silverwood theme park… pictures to come!

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