Locker Redo

I wish getting ready for school was this fun for me!  When my girl gets an idea in her head, she goes all out.  A couple weeks ago, we had our mother-daughter date, and she chose to go get boba (duh!), and then we hit the Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby for a fun locker makeover.

Just like the girl on youtube, Sierra bought and painted pots, then filled them with rocks and succulents.  She wallpapered her locker using wrapping paper from the Dollar Tree.  She took her eraser collection and added magnets on the backs of them… and finally, she put everything back in.

Tomorrow we start school, and I don’t feel one bit ready.  In my book, it’s still summer!  Thankfully, we will ease our way back in, going to family camp next week, and then really get started after Labor Day.  Thankful for slow starts!!

2 thoughts on “Locker Redo

  1. Happy Soft Start to school! We started slowly, too, with a once-a week class, then classes on Thursday. Cupcake #1 went back on Wednesday full time traditional, and younger Cupcakes are back in homeschool!


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