Family Camp 2019 (The Last Hurrah!)

I smile looking at this picture.  It was taken in the parking lot just before we got in our cars to drive home.  If you were to zoom in closely, you might notice sleepy eyes, but full hearts.  Family Camp is such a treasure.  We spent the majority of the trip with this lovely family, and learned a lot of new games!  We lingered over a second cup of coffee, and breathed deep the mountain air.  Though “Family Camp” is somewhat of a misnomer, as the kids were often off in the gaga ball pit or exploring with friends, they always found their way back for snuggles, games, and s’mores.

Xavi and I shot lots of bb’s.  I’m not sure if he had more fun shooting or collecting the bb’s that had fallen to the ground!

The “Animal Guy” is always a big hit, as is the malt shop!

He begged and begged for the ropes course.  After our third time through, I sent him to his Papa for more… I was beat!

Natalie and I did the “difficult” hike, (which was really  quite easy…)  She especially enjoyed hearing the tall tales of the trees, and I loved chatting with a new friend!

The rock wall/ zip line is always our absolute favorite.  Natalie and Malachi went up and down several times on all levels of difficulty.  I did my usual easy route to conquer my fear of heights, and then zipped down, which is the best part.

We came home to a sink full of dirty dishes, a bunny who had escaped his pen and was thankfully alive, and my bedding in the dryer from the day we left.  Oh, the morning we left… it was a doozy!

To begin, the boys had come into our room, and Xavi had an accident… hence, the bedding being in the dryer when we got home.  Things didn’t get much better from there.  I discovered my husband had used the last of my half and half, so I headed to the grocery store sweaty and gross from my run to pick some more up.  I left just as school traffic was at its peak, therefore taking me 3 times as long to get out of here!

I finally arrived home and was sipping my coffee, when Xavi said he hurt himself.  He was as calm as could be, so imagine my shock when I turned to see blood all over.  Still sweaty and gross, we headed to urgent care, where we waited an eternity before he finally got his chin glued back together.

By the time I got home, Daniel arrived back from work, but instead of packing the car I still had to pack their bags and get showered myself.  It was a rough start, but God’s peace prevailed.  Really, all you could do is smile and think what a comical movie it would make.

Our week up the mountain was fabulous, and though our bodies are physically tired, our souls found rest,  Thankful today is Friday and we have a holiday weekend to recover before diving back into school!

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