Starting their Homeschool Academy

They couldn’t sleep last night.  They woke-up bouncing off the walls.  When I told them they seemed more excited to go to school than to Disneyland, they confirmed it was true.  (Disneyland has long lines anyway, I was told!)

On the other hand, I slept great.  I also woke-up early and couldn’t have been more excited myself.  For the first time in 14 years, I was going to drop ALL my kids off for 3 glorious hours.  I may have wasted the first hour running some necessary errands, but once I walked into my quiet house, the espresso machine was the first thing that broke the silence. I may have enjoyed a breakfast cookie and iced coffee… in peace!!

A community my kids adore..

Teachers other than myself…

Time alone in the house…

“healthy” cookies and iced coffee…

Feeling so grateful…

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