Great Wolf Lodge


Over the last 5 years, we have tried to find a time in the fall to pick up our kids from their co-op and surprise them with a mini vacation.  I don’t know who loves the surprise more.. the kids or us!

The last few times we did this, we went to San Diego.  This time we took the kids to their favorite hotel; Great Wolf Lodge.  Since the boys didn’t have an afternoon class, Daniel took them down early.  That meant the girls and I had our own special date before heading down, so we stopped for boba and snacks for the drive.

Water slides, restaurants, more water slides, ice cream, tv in the hotel, (a treat since we haven’t had tv in years!), water slides, and a stop at our special coffee spot, Roasting Waters, on the way home…. it was fabulous!

It is absolutely amazing that a one-night trip can feel so good.  Not-to-mention, we got our exercise in climbing all those steps for the water slides.  I drove home feeling beat… and blessed!

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