Gotcha Day!


Gotcha Day!

When I first read about someone celebrating their child’s adoption day, they called it “Gotcha Day.”  I loved the name and adopted it, too…

Our first Gotcha Day finally arrived, and we were so excited to celebrate with cheeseburgers, as it also happens to fall on National Cheeseburger Day.  Xavi was so thrilled with his special day.  Lately, he’s been asking me to tell the story of how he had to sleep on me when he first came… over and over and over!

I tried changing the name to Yeh Day since it’s the day our boy became a Yeh, but he was stuck on Gotcha Day.  So, Gotcha Day it is!!  We are so blessed to have such an amazing addition to our family.  He was destined to be a Yeh and we can’t imagine life with out him.

We love you, Xavi!!

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