Fall Hike

We’re lucky if fall in Southern California arrives by November.  So, imagine my joy when the forecast was actually correct and we woke to a cozy, rainy, chilly FALL day… in September!  After some apple coffee cake and a relaxed morning, we hit the trail for a late morning hike.  It was glorious.

She may not have my hair, eyes, nose, forehead, or skin… but I think she’s got my mouth!  So there’s that…

We met this adorable monster St. Bernhard dog, so I had to take a picture for Natalie who woke up with a sore back and decided to miss out on our beautiful hike.

These two did AMAZING!  Not a complaint the whole way up…. I think we’ve officially reached the age(s) where family hikes are not just moments of goodness, but actually very enjoyable!

Boba loved every second of the hike.  In fact, we decided I would “walk” her home so that she wouldn’t get mud in the car.  She pulled me so hard and so fast that I actually ran all the way down the mountain, past our car, and all the way home before the rest of the gang  got home.  Now to shower, put on a cozy sweater, and sip coffee the rest of this beautiful fall day!

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