Cozy Fall Day

For once, the forecast did not lie and the rain and chill really came. It was a gorgeous fall weekend.  Today the high is still a chilly 69, and the new school week is underway.

I wish I could say this cozy scene was from this morning, but in reality we’ve had a typical Monday morning with all the groggy fussiness that tries to suck the life out of me.  Thankfully, the kids are finally waking up and cheerfully enjoying a popcorn snack and doing school independently while I snuck in here to blog.

This scene was from last week’s Thankful Thursday tea party, where we’ve shifted from all things apple to all things pumpkin.  Let me just say… pumpkin butter on fresh, homemade biscuits is where it’s at!  You can find my simple, awesome biscuit recipe here.

Aaaaand, the fussiness is back, and I am being summoned, so off I go to school with my kids this beautiful Monday morning.  I think I’ll try lighting a pumpkin candle, first… that has to help the fussies!

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