Garden Clean-up

Some years are just like this, I guess….

Weeds untouched.

Flowers left to brown.

Not a lot of TLC in the garden.

Early on this spring, right after the gardening contest, the rats consumed just about everything in our garden.  That’s when I gave up.  Thankfully, some zinnias still managed to  smile at us this summer.  The herbs thrived, as usual.  My one tomato plant provided 2 tomatoes for us, and a zillion for the rats.  Now the chickens are enjoying the plant and a few huge hornworms I found on it for them.

We never did manage to plant sunflowers, and this was the scarcest garden season, yet.  But, I will say that made the clean-up that much easier.  And, we found a few friends like the dragonfly and praying mantis.  (I don’t consider hornworms to be friends.)

It is now a season of rest for the garden.  I may try a few fall items, or I may just load it with herbs, which seem to like my garden.  There is always next spring, and we are considering an owl box to attract the owls I have seen in the neighborhood to eat our rats.  Did you know owls consume up to 16 rats a night?  That’d be so great… I’ll keep you updated!

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