Life, Lately…

Our little dude turned 3 this week.  Normally, on a day like today I would be editing and posting all birthday-related pictures.  Sadly, since I am still unable to post his pictures fully, it seems silly to post party pics.

Our X-man is such a tease.  He still says he’s 2, but the twinkle in his eye and the smirk on his lips lets me know he knows he is 3.  He is such a smart, witty little thing.

One more from our newly-turned-3-year-old:  He has been walking around the house singing :Hallelujah,” lately.  I don’t recognize the tune at all, nor do I have a clue where he got it.  Sunday school, perhaps?  It sure is sweet, though.

My middle gave me the sweetest card today.  She had found some jasmine growing wild in our backyard, and knows how much I love it!  After she gave me the card, she pulled me outside and showed me where it is.  She made my day!

The apricot tree is FINALLY blossoming.  I was beginning to get worried, as we already have some ripe peaches, and yet the apricot tree was looking dead.  Praying we get lots of apricots; my all-time favorite fruit!

My husband left for Boston this morning, so it is just the kiddos and me this week.  I’m considering caving on my “no screen time during the school week” rule, as we are all recovering from X-man’s party, and still very tired.

Laundry:  Does it ever end?  There is currently clean laundry sprawled all over my floor that was once folded and sorted, but since scattered and messed up as it never got put away.  Tragedy.

Blog books!  Ok, after years of wanting to publish our blog books so we have a hard copy in case something happens, I finally bit the financial bullet and began.  I printed 8 books, which took us from 2008 – 2013.  They are SO wonderful to have, and the kids have been devouring them.  I am so blessed to have them!  Can’t wait for another coupon code so I can start publishing more.  (Not-to-mention, they have inspired me to try to keep up with blogging!)

Kids are itching to pick our peaches… don’t they look amazing?  (Unfortunately, the rats have helped themselves, as well.

On the bright side, no rats have invaded our strawberries the past few weeks.  I’m not sure why, but I am grateful!

The big girls found a bunch of ladybugs on their run, so they sent the little ones out to catch them and add them to our garden.  AND THEY DID.  Hooray!

Our little greenhouse seeds are starting to grow. 🙂


Baby Chicks!

Not the best pictures of the chicks, but at least I captured the sweet smiles of the proud new owners.   Here are the newest additions to the Yeh farm; 4 baby chicks, just 3 days old.  (We’ve now had them a couple weeks.)  I took these pictures within seconds of them flying out of the car and exclaiming, “Mom, mom!  They’re here!  We got them!”  If I were a little more on top of things, I would have had the kids take pictures with them and the bunnies on Easter.  Instead, we had friends come over and I took pictures of their kids with the chicks and bunnies for Easter.  Perhaps one of these days I’ll get to everything… (Ha!)

2018 Garden

We got a late start to our garden this year.  Sadly, that means I can’t start as many things from seed, as we have our garden judging competition less than 2 weeks away.  I purchased herbs and tomatoes in pots, and the rest of our garden will be coming from seeds currently planted in our tiny greenhouse.

We have so many strawberries and peaches… and every night the rats treat themselves.  Grrrr!!!

My “helpers” lasted all of 10 minutes.  Hoping gardening will teach them a little more patience.  (I’m still trying to learn that one, myself!)

Of all the seeds we planted, I was most excited about the sunflowers and yellow bell peppers; both harvested this past fall from last summer’s garden!

Let the garden updates begin!


“Are you expecting someone?” he asked.  I looked out the window to see a friend walking toward our door with 3 bags of clothes.  Over the years, this scenario has played out several times.  Sometimes we’ll just find bags at our front door.  I absolutely love hand-me-downs, and am so grateful for friends who take the time to bring them by.  This last bunch was from a friend who has boys the same age difference as my boys, so there were a few matching items such as these Star Wars bathrobes.  As soon as I pulled them out of the bag, out came the light sabers, and the game was on!!!

Thank you, dear friends!!

Running Club

For the past few months, the girls have been part of a local running club.  I have always wanted them to discover the joy of running, but wasn’t sure how to make it happen.  Turns out if friends invite you to a running club, it’s a good thing!  Honestly, it was more awesome than I expected.  The kids had fun, got in shape, and had extra time with friends.  More than that, they discovered a love for running and being outdoors.  More than once, my oldest has grabbed a sister or even a brother along with my cell phone and headed out the door for a self-inspired jog.  I couldn’t be more pleased!

First Swim of the Season!

He promised he would do it weeks ago, and the time finally came… my husband turned on the pool heater!  Thankfully, we had beautiful weather to go with it, and so we kicked off spring break with some swimming!  There are so many things I love about having a pool: exercise, fresh air, cooling off on a hot day… but best of all is how the kids seem to come up with creative games and get along so well.  (I’m almost afraid to type these words and jinx it!)

It is now day 2 of our spring break, and I’m already feeling nervous that we won’t have time to do everything on our list, such as start our garden!  I’m grateful summer is just around the corner.

Easter 2018

I didn’t capture many pictures this year… We had taken the kids to church the night before so that Daniel and I could both serve at the first service while the kids slept-in.  By the time we got home from church, the kids were up, baskets were torn through, and the Easter bread was eaten!  Kids were excited to see us and tell us all about it, which was what we had wanted; but we have no pictures of it.  Daniel made a quick brunch, and then we went searching for eggs…

After the egg hunt, the kids tried on their new swimsuits while we dyed eggs.  Next they went swimming, as it was a gorgeous day and Daniel heated up the pool.  Meanwhile, I found myself drifting off into dreamland, despite having my windows open and hearing the delightful squeals the kids made during their first swim of the season.

Before dinner, Daniel did an object lesson about Jesus, the light of the world, who died for our sins.  It was pretty cool.  We did Chinese hotpot, and the kids each got a special marble soda.  After dinner, we took a family walk to the horse stables before getting cozy for bed.  It couldn’t have been a more peaceful, blessed Easter.

Family Bike Ride

Over a year…

Though I’m sad to say that’s how long it’s been since our last family bike ride, I can say that it was worth the wait!  What a glorious day!  As far as weather goes, I don’t think any season beats spring in Southern California.  Still no flies.  Warm(ish) days and chilly nights.  Mix of sun and rain.  I love it!

And oh, how we needed a family fun day!  I say this every time, and here I’ll say it again… Why did we wait so long?

Welcome, Spring!

These two… best of friends one minute…  “Come on, let’s go outside and make garden stones!”

“Um… you stay over here… I don’t want to take a picture with you.”  And so it goes.  Siblings.

Loving the later evenings, mix of rain and sun, and anticipation of Easter and summer.  Spring is my favorite… (until the next season, that is…)