First Day of School 2019

And, just like that another summer is in the books and a new school year is upon us! Ready. Or. Not.  (Not!!)  Thankfully, it was a great first day and we are loving our new read aloud.  The main reason I feel NOT ready its the simple fact that I have a preschooler who can’t yet read, a high schooler who now needs to meet some requirements, and everything in between.  While the thought can be overwhelming, I know God is always faithful to give us just what we need when we need it.  And so we school  on.  

This year’s back-to-school treat has got to be one of my favorites.  I am a sucker for homemade sugar cookies and homemade icing.  (Especially with a little almond flavoring; yumminess!)  The kids also had gummy worms, chocolate milk, pancakes, and bacon.   I’m surprised they were able to sit through our reading after all that junk!!

Sierra had the idea to have each of the kids create their own grade sign on their i-pads for pictures.  I loved the idea, and so here they are!

How is it my kids are so big?  Gosh, I love these sweet faces!!


Locker Redo

I wish getting ready for school was this fun for me!  When my girl gets an idea in her head, she goes all out.  A couple weeks ago, we had our mother-daughter date, and she chose to go get boba (duh!), and then we hit the Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby for a fun locker makeover.

Just like the girl on youtube, Sierra bought and painted pots, then filled them with rocks and succulents.  She wallpapered her locker using wrapping paper from the Dollar Tree.  She took her eraser collection and added magnets on the backs of them… and finally, she put everything back in.

Tomorrow we start school, and I don’t feel one bit ready.  In my book, it’s still summer!  Thankfully, we will ease our way back in, going to family camp next week, and then really get started after Labor Day.  Thankful for slow starts!!

Huckleberry Thumbprint Cookies

While in Montana, we may have bought a bunch of extra huckleberry jelly!  We hit the library this week, and Sierra found the cutest Williams Sonoma American Girl cookbook.  When she called me from home while I was with the boys at the dentist, she told me she was bored and asked what she could do.  Naturally, I told her to bake some cookies with Allison.  These thumbprint huckleberry cookies were so buttery and delicious… They were ready just as I walked in the door.  (Good timing, Mom!!!)  That was yesterday.  Today they are gone.  Seriously delicious.  Glad I wasn’t home to see how much butter and sugar they have.  Thankful for big kids who like to bake, libraries that provide awesome books, boredom that initiates creativity, and Montana for providing huckleberry jam!

Montana 2019, (part 2)

We were blessed to tour the new Potter’s Field Ranch and see their beautiful new property.  We were even allowed to go horse back riding, which was a blast.  I have not been on a horse since I was dating my husband, and Xavi had never been on a horse… I think I’d have much better posture if I took up horseback riding!

We spent the afternoon swimming with Uncle Brook before enjoying dinner and a campfire.  Brook blessed us with some snow peas and beets from his garden.  The kids and I snacked on a few because we couldn’t resist, but saved the rest for the next night’s dinner.  Bald eagles and Osprey joined us for the evening!

Before church Sunday, we had to go to Farmhouse.  Tradition.  The breakfast is just amazing… I had a pork belly skillet with Kale, and it was absolutely delicious!  I love having things I could never make at home.  Two things the kids always do:  1)  Climb and jump off the big rock outside, and 2) order hot chocolate.   Good times.

After church, Carol, Gary, and Mary took us out on the boat.  Being pulled is such a treat for the kids!  They stayed for dinner, and then it was time to clean up and pack up. I didn’t want to say goodbye!  Thankfully, the next day we were headed to Idaho for a couple days to spend time at Silverwood theme park… pictures to come!

The Cowboy Club

Since returning from Montana, guess what the favorite new game is around here?  Yup. The Cowboy Club made its debut this weekend, recorded by Natalie, with lots more episodes planned.  I  LOVE it!!!  These kids are ready to move to the wild, wild west!!  Wish I could show you the video…

Montana 2019, Part 1

For the past 3 out of 4 summers, we have been blessed to spend time in Montana… it has become so special that the kids can hardly wait until the day arrives for us to fly there.  Generously, our aunt and uncle have allowed us to stay at their cabin.  Arriving there is like a breath of fresh air.  After an early morning flight, lunch and grocery shopping, we headed to the lake where the boys immediately went down to the water to fish…

For the first time, I actually planned meals before we left, complete with a grocery list and a Costco list.  No matter how busy I am before our trip, I will always and forever  do that from now on… it was so nice to not have to think about it!!  (Huckleberry jam was not on my list, yet we were able to consume an entire jar over our stay!)

Paddleboarding, swimming, kayaking, skipping rocks, nature walks, trips to town for DQ, hikes, games, late nights, family time, horse back riding, souvenir shopping, wildlife spotting, Montana Coffee Traders, buffalo jerky eating, Mudmans, fresh cherries, Girls’ Night Out play in Big Fork with my aunties, and so much more.  Some vacations feel like work.  Our Montana time is all fun and rest.

Hiking Sunset Trail with the boys and Allison… Taking the “Help, I’m falling” picture of Malachi… and then hopping into the lake to cool off…

Montana Coffee Traders, a trip to Kalispell’s Western Store to buy boots for the girls, then a visit to Potter’s Field’s new Ranch!  And that is the end of Part 1!

4th of July 2019

Aw, July 4th… always a favorite holiday for so many reasons!  This year we had friends coming over mid-morning for some biscuits and tea, so the kids had some good ol’ Cap’n Crunch to tide them over….

We had just taken our first annual 4th of July photo when our friends arrived… So, it turned out to be our only one!  With all of my summer organizing, I  found these old poppers tucked away in a cabinet from who knows how long ago!  Thankfully, they still worked great!!

Tea. swimming, then lunch…. wonderful, but never enough time with our dear friends!  Thankfully, we had part 2 of our celebration to look forward to — our 3rd year going to the Strattons for dinner, ice cream, and fireworks!!

It is so special having friends who are like family.  We are blessed and filled and thankful for another year of freedom!!

Good-bye, June!

June: the start of summer!  It was a relaxing start… chilly mornings… VBS… girls’ night face masks with my girlies… sleepovers and birthdays  galore; (is everybody  born in June?)… countless otter pops… swim dates with neighbors and friends…

The start of the tomatoes… (and the end of the peaches!)

Our first zinnia blooms of the season…

And plums!!!  I just ate my first one this morning.  I should have eaten the first couple ripe ones yesterday, but giving them one more day to ripen meant they either fell or were eaten by another creature.  I won’t be making that mistake, again!

June, you were good to us!!  Welcome, July!  Can’t wait for more barbecues with friends, celebrating The Fourth, and our family vacation!!!

Summer Dinners

Summer at the Yeh house means swimming and friends… swimming and friends… more swimming… and more friends… Most of the time, we end up with a few extras for dinner.  My go-to dinner with friends in the summer is usually barbecue or pizza.  Though summer has just begun, I have already been trying to think of something new.  Foccacia bread has been a long time favorite around here, and so simple to make.  I decided to just bake some bread and have the kids build their own sandwiches.  In general, my kids are not huge sandwich fans.  However, thanks to the focaccia, this dinner was a big hit!  So, I decided I had to document it for future reference.  Next time I don’t know what to make for a simple summer dinner, please remind me of this post!

Biscuits and Tea… and Peach Jam!

Normally, once summer hits all routines and structures fly out the window.  This summer, however, we are still gathering a few mornings each week to read together and to enjoy our Thankful Thursday tea parties.  It’s an opportunity for devotions, discussions, drawing, and devouring yummy treats.

One of our favorite new tea party treats is biscuits.  Though I didn’t get a chance to pick as many peaches as I would have liked before they started rotting off the tree, I was able to make a few jars of peach jam this year.  (Sadly, one broke in the sealing process, so we literally only have 2 left now that we’ve consumed one!)  Anyway, biscuits, tea, and peach jam on an overcast summer morning surrounded by my favorite people… lovely!

Here is my favorite biscuit recipe that I literally have taped to my baking cabinet for quick reference:

3 cups all purpose flour

1 TBSP baking powder

1 TBSP sugar

1 stick butter (cold)

1 1/4 cup milk

Mix the flour, baking powder, and sugar.  Cut in the butter abut 1 tsp at a time.  Add the milk.  Mix to form a dough ball.  Roll out the dough about 1/2 inch thick.  Cut out biscuits with any cookie  cutter.  Bake @ 420 for 12 – 14 minutes.